Russian Engineer Visits Our Company and Confirms Future Cooperation


This month, a professional engineer from Russia visited our company for a two-day visit, touring our machining and assembly workshops and inquiring about various aspects of our stainless steel processing techniques, including welding, polishing, and quality testing, as well as the quality standards for each process. The engineer also conducted a detailed inspection of various pharmaceutical equipment, including fluidized beds, wet granulation, dry granulation machines, and other pharmaceutical equipment, and even linked up with three of his clients in Russia to pose key questions.


The engineer expressed a keen interest in our production line. He closely observed our equipment and robot processing processes and inquired about how we ensure the efficiency and quality of our production. He was very satisfied with our production line planning and organization and appreciated our continuous improvement of the production line.


After inquiring about the processing techniques, the engineer conducted a detailed investigation of our quality standards. He requested that we show him our quality control system and discussed our process control in-depth. Our employees demonstrated our quality control procedures to him and explained how we ensure product quality. During this process, the engineer raised many valuable questions and received professional responses from us.


Subsequently, the engineer visited our pharmaceutical equipment area. He conducted a detailed inspection of fluidized beds, high shear wet granulator, dry granulation roller compaactor machines, and various pharmaceutical equipment. We carefully analyzed and answered their questions, receiving recognition from the engineer and his clients.


During this visit, the engineer had in-depth exchanges with us, deepening his understanding of our equipment processing techniques and quality management. He confirmed that we meet his requirements and expressed his intention to further cooperate with us. We are grateful for this visit and believe that it will promote our company's development in the international market and improve the quality and processing level of our equipment.

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