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Lab Auto coating machine

Model: BGB-10F

Our lab coater BGB-3F exported to Russia

Our lab coater BGB-10F exported to USA


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Our lab coater BGB-3F exported to Russia

BGB-1F lab coater exported to Korea


BGB-3F lab coater exported to Turkey

Our lab coater BGB-10F exported to USA


BGB-20F lab coater exported to USA

The BGB-F coating machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industries. Meeting GMP requirements, it is a kind of mechanically and electrically integrated coating equipment with high efficiency, energy conservation, good safety and good cleanliness for organic film coating, water soluble coating, dripping pill coating, sugar coating, chocolate and candy coating of tablets, pills, candies and other special parts.



Under the rotation action of the coating roller, the tablets or pills to be coated make continuous movement in the roller. The peristaltic pump conveys the coating media to the spray gun for spraying them on the surfaces of the tablets or pills to be coated. Under negative pressure, the inlet air handling unit supplies clean hot air to the tablet bed according to the set procedures and process parameters to dry the tablets or pills. The hot air is discharged from the outlet air handing unit at the bottom of the layer of tablets or pills, so that the coating media sprayed on the tablets or pills rapidly form solid, dense, flat and smooth film to complete the coating operation.


1)The machine is the best machine explored for the coating process in the laboratories of the pharmaceutical industry.

2)Suitable coating machine rollers can be replaced according to the batch size in the coating process.

3) It is convenient and easy to replace the coating machine roller.

4) The main machine and hot air system are integrated. With compact structure, air supply at the clean area is carried out.

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