Pharmaceutical Moveable Washing Station for IBC bin


  From this year of 2020, all our  Pharmaceutical Moveable Washing Station has been upgraded.

Original  ball valve has been replaced now with diaphragm valve.

Compared with ball valve, diapharma valve has no dead washing angle, and avoid cross contamination, it fully meets GMP requirement.

cleaning station


With compact structure, convenient operation, good sealing performance and high adaptability, the moveable cleaning station produced by our company is used for cleaning industrial equipment and other parts that require cleaning in such industries as medicine, food and fine chemical industry. It is a processing machine designed and manufactured in accordance with GMP requirements.


Work principle

The pressure in the boosting pump is used to convey the mixture of the cleaning liquid and the desired water source. Through different water source connections, different water inlet valves can be operated according to the needs to connect with water sources, the detergent adding volume is controled by valve then after mixing enters into boosting pump. Under the action of the boosting pump, flow output is formed within the pressure range of the pump according to the parameters in the pump height-flow performance table.The output flow changes with the change of pressure.



1.The equipment can be equipped with three water pipe inlets for users to select.The water outlets can be connected to tees or crosses. With convenient and easy operation, it can be used for several machines simultaneously.


2.The equipment is equipped with a cleaning nozzle that can turn for 360° and a high pressure water gun. The procedure of barrel cleaning can be completed through the operation by just one person.


3.The equipment is installed with castors at its bottom to facilitate its movement.


4.It is featured by concise structure and easy installation and disassembly.

CIP system

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